Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hotel Noir - Casper Silk

Publication Date: 15th November 2012
Publisher: Pale Fire Press

4 stars
Hotel Noir isn’t a novel you can shamble through, intellect at half mast.
It commands your attention, draws you into the seedy and jaded environment of an island sliding from past glory into poverty and narcotic hell. Honestly, I found the characters revolting, even Francis with his twisted morality. I wanted to pounce on these apathetic lost souls and start by giving them a good wash. 
That is how powerful the writing of Casper Silk is.
Don’t expect comfort. Don’t expect the meaning of life with a happy advertising jingle. This novel is saturated with loss, the heaviness of daily life and routine, addiction, prostitution, guilt and blackmail. Peel off that first layer to find more dirt underneath.
If you want a dark and turbulent read through the underbelly of an island’s lost dreams, this is it, exquisitely written.


  1. It is rare to find a book that arouses one's emotions to such a feverish pitch. I personally found a strange and haunting beauty in Hotel Noir.

  2. I think any book which arouses emotions is a winner.