Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Twice Shy

3 stars Interesting concept. The zombie disguised amongst us at Senior High.
I liked the main character, I was rooting for her although I would have been happy if she had bitten some of her so called 'friends.'
The book kept me hooked, I felt it easy to read, it flowed well and I wanted to keep reading and found some parts of the book really funny, the droll humour and observations.
Spoiler. The only surprising thing for me was the ending, inevitable? The mother and daughter team worked so hard to keep her secret hidden and experiment on serums, that I felt the end was too sudden and undeserved. Readers will like the main character, so to throw her under the bus (metaphorically speaking) at the end is sad. However, any book that draws such a response from its readers has clearly done well. I say Bravo!

Expected publication: October 26th 2012 by JournalStone


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